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Could i get some advice? [13 Jul 2012|12:30pm]
Hi folks,

EDIT to add disclaimer:  After posting this i was informed that this was a BORING "fake death" story.  Several believed the situation completely uninteresting and disappointing.  Some thought my postings here be a complete hoax -- as in a hoax perpetrated fully by myself and not really about anyone faking death.  So i'm stating this warning upfront just to be forthcoming.  


I've been a longtime member of an online forum for 10years.  The moderator left and hence i was then promoted by default.  

In a nutshell, myself and fellow moderators were inadequate in the "people skills" department.  EDIT to add:  And by "inadequate" i mean that the site's owner let us ban blatant spammers, give out loss passwords and stuff.  But didn't let us ban people we disagreed with.  Hence, a lot of nonsense fighting resulted.  

For years we've largely ignored this knucklehead.  Now this knucklehead has recently committed "pseuicide."

This con artist, although being a shameless liar, has managed to win the respect and gratitude of several.  And i am looking for hard evidence before trying to gently inform the remaining female members (1) that they've been conned without insulting their intelligence.

I will forward the "death post" by the sock puppet to anyone who asks.

Basically it's just another bunch of self serving egotistical nonsenes.  How "i've lead a full life" being able to be a top secret spy working under aliases in foreign countries -- i am a saint because i turned down a heart transplant because i youngster would be more deserving -- ode to self nonsense.  The content, timing and other factors made several immediately think it was nonsense.

There are some (1) who are taking it hook, line and sinker.

I fear this:

Faking Death,  Pseuicide Munchausen by Proxy
"How to Deal With Someone Exhibiting Munchausen by Internet

The impact of this kind of deception on Internet communities is pretty bad. It tends to rip them apart, as people take sides, some believing the ruse and others pointing out the deception
Victims of such deceit say that they feel "emotionally raped" when they find out that they've been deceived. Sometimes, [online groups, like our forum,] that have fallen prey to such a scenario never recover from the negativity and schisms that arise."
  --   Dr. Mar Feldman

(1)  I am NOT sexist.  Rather i acknowledge that several very insightful and very intelligent women have left our forum.  And the those remaining females are somewhat less insightful -- and/or don't feel it incredibly important to scrutinize this fellow who is admittedly entertaining and charismatic.   
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Unsure about this death, Help us out? [22 Mar 2010|01:45pm]


And if you can't read that, here's a link to the entry that was copy/pasted into lol_anaz:

She'd posted quite a bit at lol_anaz, but really "HOW DARE YOU" type posts. Blah blah, can anyone do some digging and figure this out? It really kinda screams "FAKKKKKKKKKKKE" to me, though.

ETA: Her journal was created this year, and has no posts. She's only left comments. Hrm.

ETA2: This didn't last long. But the time stamps are fucking WEIRD.
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Help for school article [09 Nov 2009|09:13pm]
Hello everyone,

I'm a third-year journalism student at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) and am in the process of writing my final story for my newswriting class.

I am writing about Munchausen by internet and it was suggested by the moderator of this site that I post here.

I am looking for anybody with personal experience relating to this topic. Maybe you have fallen victim to this disorder, had a friend who did, or simply witnessed an account of it. I would love to hear from you.

Once completed, the article will be posted on under the university project section.

I am interested in doing short phone interviews, email, or skype. Whatever works for you.

My article is due on Friday so the sooner I can hear from people, the better.

Thank you,

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MeShell [03 May 2008|01:46pm]

I just posed this in fakeljers, but figured it would fit here, too!

I post on a message board that's relatively small, but pretty active called Freak Safari. The majority of these members also post or used to post on another, huge board.

There was a member named MeShell. She was 24 and lived in Hawaii. Between these two boards, she has spent probably 4 years with this group of people. For as long as I can remember, she's talked about having Hodgkin's Disease. I don't know much about her other than that. I never really cared for her, so our interaction was limited. She was a super nice girl. Like, nauseatingly nice.

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An article about fake internet deaths in LA Weekly [14 Oct 2007|11:40am]

The Life and Death of Jesse James: an Internet Love Mystery

Hope I haven't spoiled the punchline for y'all with the title of this post.
The story follows the usual fake death cadence, but the article is still worth a read. Plus, the last page includes a picture of "Janna St James," who I'm sure has explored LJ as well.
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Faked Miscarriage/Hospitalization [06 Dec 2006|05:43pm]
Hi. I joined this community because I need some additional assistance in exposing a person as a fraud. Any help from you all is greatly appreciated.

Here"s the situation.Collapse )
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Please behave [07 Nov 2005|01:06pm]

Unfortunately some folks are forgetting the rules here.

We do not go to fakers' journals and taunt them.

I had to ban_set several users today and I really hate doing that.

Play nice, guys.

--Mod tupelo
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Banned? Here's why. [15 Jun 2005|11:27pm]

If you happen to notice you were banned this evening, here's the rule you violated:

By joining the community, you accept that you realize that the internet is fraught with uncertainty and it's possible that occasionally we'll be wrong in our suspicions. Therefore, you promise that you won't go all self-righteous and accusing and call us big cruel meanies for speculating on whether or not deaths are legitimate.

In other words, if you can't run with the Scooby-Doos, stay on the porch.
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I was banned from fake_lj_deaths and all I got was this stupid post [07 Jun 2005|10:04am]

We mean biznazz here at good 'ol fake_lj_deaths.

If you recently engaged in harassment of possible and/or proven fakers, you may have noticed that you've been banned from the community. Why? Because its a rule here and you have forced us to actually enforce it. Great.

We log IP's here and will be asking those fakers who have been harassed to log IP's too. In the future if a faker is overwhelmed by anonymous harassment, we should be able to determine who is doing it and ban those people from this community as well. I want to say a special thank you to those harassers for putting us in the position where we have to rely on the people we out as fakes, to help us boot our own members from our community. That's exactly what we want to do! (Hopefully you're onto my sarcasm).

This community isn't LJ Drama. We like LJ Drama, but the type of posting that goes on there is not the type of posting that we originally had here. If you joined the community in the past few months, go back in our archives and see how posting used to be here before we exploded to 2000+ membership. We post about possible fake deaths- we don't expect or want people to run to those journals and anonymously spam fakers with obnoxious comments and arguments.

Yes those banned can create new journals and rejoin the community, but hopefully knowing that we log IP's and will be working (ugh) with fakers to prove who is harassing them, they will HOLD THEMSELVES BACK from behaving like asses.

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[05 Jun 2005|04:46pm]

I hope nobody minds if I post this here. Feel free to delete it if you need to.
Ive been a member here for awhile now and I know that it started to get a little out of control with just "fakes" and has since gone back to Fake Deaths. There was a time that there was a bunch of fakerexics as I like to call them, starting with in_perfections. I have started a community that specifically relates to people faking eating disorders.
If you interested come join it fakerexics

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The aforementioned important announcement [15 May 2008|10:12pm]


Well, folks, we tried.

Tried to be a democracy, that is. Unfortunately, the more we tried to humor the concept of making everyone happy and being all things to all people, the more fucked up and unmanageable the community became.

Just like America!

But I digress. Oh, yeah, the democracy thing. In the face of rapidly growing membership and ever-increasing numbers of posts about teenaged girls with fake boyfriends, fake babies, real babies and fake mamas, fake popes and general Livejournal hoaxery -- no, wait, just hoaxery in general, because a lot of it was off of lj entirely -- we decided that in order to maintain the original spirit of the community, democracy was going to have to be defenestrated (look it up if you need to). We are now officially a fascist dictatorship.

As of this evening, we return you to your originally scheduled activity:

investigating fake deaths on Livejournal.

againsthestream and I have discussed the specifics and determined that purported serious accidents or illnesses are still in keeping with the community's purpose, as well as possibly fictional miscarriages (but not healthy pregnancies or babies).

Since we started the community last August, plenty of offshoot communities have been founded to cover the stuff we will no longer be able to tackle. If you feel someone is faking in general, please post about it in _fake_ljers. For fake pregnancies, there is faking_pregnant. You get the picture. Oh, and for fake celebrity journals and ratings community posts? Just don't even. They're too common to even bother posting anywhere. Ditto fake racial stereotypes and emo boyfriends. Unless they die. Then we'll be all over it.

This isn't to say the off-topic drama hasn't had its share of gems. I've really enjoyed a lot of it, and, like many of you, I'll miss being able to get all my fake drama in one community. Unfortunately, every puppy has to grow up sometime, and now is that time for fake_lj_deaths. Thanks everybody for your contributions and your patience with the off-topic stuff, and againsthestream and I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Your humble co-mod tupelo
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[13 May 2005|10:33pm]

[ mood | pissed-fucking-off ]

okay, I wish i had proof for this but it was such a while ago, It kind of escaped my memory. I knew this girl online whose name was supposedly "Kayla" and she was from California. she posted pictures of an Asain girl and claimed to be 13, or something like that. She had the deadjournal of /~kayluh. Then, she had a livejournal with the same name I believe(or kaylah, something of that effect ), and she had come up with the story one day that she just been raped by one of her friends who happened to move a couple days before it happened, because "It was a present to himself." She told me she was a cutter and she sent me a picture of a thigh being mutilated by a letter opener. There was also some drama shit going on between me and her. After "falling in love" with some freakshow I knew, she admits to him that she's not kayla, she's "Gina", and that she still lives in cali, and those pictures were not hers, and even showed me her chubby lying ass on camera. She wasn't 13 but 21?!

The pictures she had sent all that time happened to be some poor girl from Oregon or some bullshit like that.

I was wondering if anyone knew of such a person?
(What a stupid cunt.)

Anyway, It made me feel like such a jackass when I found out that she had lied to me about all of it. It makes you feel so stupid. I can only imagine knowing someone in that way and them feeding you all this bullshit about dying, only to tell you that I'M FINE EVERYTHING'S OKAY.

I guess in this retarded cheesy way, they are dead.

Good riddance.
Live and let die.

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arthurblake [09 May 2005|12:22am]

arthurblake was the first and, as far as I know, only fake internet person I have believed to be real. "He" added me to his friends list in 2002 after finding me through the invertebrates community I created, and we occasionally talked roaches. Roaches turned out to be a big part of the spooky stuff surrounding his "disappearance". Two other online journals were also a part of the story: and (Stephen's journal is no longer available, and unfortunately I neglected to save a copy of it).

Both Arthur and Minty's journals were created/first updated within days of each other. (This would set off Faker Alarm bells for me now, but I didn't notice it then.) Arthur and Stephen were supposed to have been roommates in college, and Stephen later became friends with Minty. They all live in Boston. Arthur and Minty meet each other sometime soon after the journals are created. Eventually Weird Shit goes down and gets more and more frequent. I don't want to spoil the story for anyone who wishes to read the archives, but themes include: spooky mystery cult guys who make ominous and incomprehensible speeches! swarms of cockroaches! old occult woodprints! mysterious languages and incantations! insanity! eventual disappearance! unhelpful police! independant sleuthing!

arthurblake seems to me to be more refined than most LJ fakery, and is more of a work of fiction than a drama factory or attention generator. The author/s did get a little heavy handed at the end, and it is this that (finally) tipped me off that none of it was real. Stephen's last entry contained a laughably bad "secret message" to Minty: random letters that were capitalized throughout the paragraph spelled out the phrase "MINTY DON'T STOP LOOKING". After this last entry in Stephen's journal, the story just died off.

Anyway, I occasionally go back and read the archives and laugh at myself for having believed any of it. It's a fun story. If you have a little time to spare, check it out.

I just found this and haven't finished reading it, but it's (!!!!!!!!!!!) the documentation for the entire storyline.


Edit II!

LJ users in on the plot, though not necessarily authors of any of the journals:
damabupuk (primary author of Arthur Blake)
grantb (primary author of Minty)

(There were several different authors over the course of the story, so I don't really know who wrote what.)
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Membership problems [08 May 2005|05:43pm]

Apparently some new members are having trouble accessing locked entries. I'm in the midst of mother's day hoo-haa but will try and figure out what's up this evening. Any lj whizzes in the community who may be able to help, please do.

If you're having problems seeing locked entries, comment here.
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New Fakes Added [01 May 2005|03:29pm]

I've added vanillaskyx and valienyc to the info page.

For anyone who is new, we mostly post friends-only here, unless we've determined for sure that a user is fake. If you'd like to read about the abovementioned fakes and much more, join the community, log out of lj and log back in and you will be able to read the locked posts.
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[30 Apr 2005|01:21pm]

I just have a question...

who is this girl, the second one from the left ?
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More staytonight24 stuff. [20 Mar 2005|03:11pm]

I know she is busted and I know this is mostly over with but I found some funny links.

Wanna see her fake pics??

Since her journal is gone now here are some great links about her Marshall (fake boyfriend) lies:

But these are the best two:
"my boyfriend marshall is in the hospital with a very serious coma, and when he waked up he will have periodic paralysis."
"he's paralyzed for now, and he has amnesia (selective) and he doesn't remember me, but don't worry, he'll be okay sooner or later"


Please make special note of how the doctors can know he will have 'periodic paralysis' if he 'waked' up and yet 'there's no sign of him coming out of this coma'. Then when he does wake up its OOPS SELECTIVE AMNESIA!11!two1 and he doesn't remember her!! But of course after a super serious post about coma boyfriend: LEIK TOATTALLY ADD ME PLZ LOLZ!!!11!one!

PS. staytonight24 I like totally saved all these posts and pictures so even if you delete them I have copies.
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nevyou [15 Mar 2005|08:39pm]

staytonight24 gave me the name and the address of the funeral home that supposedly did his service, and I contacted them. Their reply:

I am sorry, but we did not serve Mr. Neveux and his family.

Her response to me (cut for length):

well i can't get a hold of his sister right now, but i'm almost positive that's the one.
do you have an email address i could give his sister?
i had nothing to do with the funeral planning or anything, so i have to wait until i can contact his sister, but that name looks really familiar so i really think it's that one

if that's not the one, i really don't know what is
honestly, and i don't mean to direct this towards you in a mean way, but i really just want to put the whole thing behind me
if necessary, i'll delete the post i made in your community, i really don't care, and i don't care if people think this is fake anymore, that's the least of all my worries. i know he's real. i know his death is real.

so please, if i could, could i just have his sister email you when she gets a chance? i'm taking a break from lj anyway because i'm in europe and i will be for the next year or so.

But she is posting from a Grosse Point IP address.

I think this one is done.
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[14 Mar 2005|05:03am]


if true, very sad. but a few things make me wonder. not to mention that this reminds me A LOT of kaycee nicole.

-his death was posted recently on ljers4eternity without an obit. google reveals nothing, nevyou's town's newspaper site is subscription only. EDIT: also searched detroit papers with no results.

-staytonight24 "made" nevyou create his account. a month later he dies. she announces this on both her journal and his, using his account and subsequently promoting her own journal. it seems many have found her journal through his.

-staytonight24 apparently is getting a scholarship to harvard, despite her very spotty spelling and writing abilities. her father is also a "neuro surgeon". she also seems to have known many people who have died and dedicates most of her userinfo to them.

-the picture in his user info is on staytonight24's photobucket account and is labeled as travis-vi.jpg. his name is supposed to be tyler.

-as a longtime participant in writing workshops, nevyou strikes me as having a very feminine writing style. he seems to have mostly female friends and declares he has pms at one point. not that (most of)these things are impossible, just an observation. nevyou and staytonight24 also have a very similar writing style, using short sentences and sporadically capitalizing proper names.

-nevyou speaks of friends he has watched die while a resident of the hospital and makes this post i google 6 or 7 of them (bored, yes...but not *that* bored :p) and the only one who had any relevant results was marissa distefano who did not die as a long suffering cancer patient but rather as a car accident victim, before she reached the hospital. and while he does not explicitly claim she died in the hospital as a cancer patient, it is certainly implied.

-finally, in this same entry, he writes "thanks for making the past couple years of my life so much better here at St. John's.". he died a few days after he turned 16 and he was diagnosed shortly before he turned 15 according to this post. that's only one year, not a "couple" and it isn't likely he was hospitalized the moment he was diagnosed.

like i said, if it's true, it's sad and he seemed like a good kid. but the whole thing seems *too* sad and he seems a bit *too* saintly. seems a bit orchestrated.
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Sorry to beat a dead horse [12 Mar 2005|11:54am]

Just a reminder, please--

If you have a question, concern or comment about something going on in this community, either post IN THE COMMUNITY or email a mod. DO NOT POST IN THE MODS' PERSONAL JOURNALS ABOUT THIS COMMUNITY. According to the community rules, YOU CAN BE BANNED for this.

I think I speak for both of us when I say we don't post about fake deaths in our personal journals at all and would like to keep it that way. Please respect our space. Thanks!
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